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Windy Gyle and Anthony Robb Recordings

Windy Gyle : Music from the Heart of Northumberland

  • 01. Windy Gyle (Alistair Anderson)
  • 02. Laird Of Drumblair/Cameron Highlanders (J Scott Skinner/trad)
  • 03. 93 Not Out/Balls To Hall/Tosson March (W Atkinson/J Scurfield/W Pigg)
  • 04. Ian Dickson (Anthony Robb)
  • 05. Dog Leap Stairs (Alistair Anderson)
  • 06. Shingly Beach/Ganglat Fran Applebo (Tom Anderson/trad)
  • 07. Whittingham Green Lane/Glen Aln Hornpipe/Lads Of Alnwick (trad/W Atkinson/trad)
  • 08. Maya's Waltz/Iron Bridge (trad/Alistair Anderson)
  • 09. The Shipley Set (Alistair Anderson)
  • 10. Cavehill/Willie Simpson (trad/G Patullo)

Musicians: Anthony Robb with Nikki Williamson, Alice Burn, Paul Knox, Heather Robb, Jamie Robb and special guests Alistair Anderson and Norman Holmes
"What a delight it is to hear Anthony Robb recording again! He has such a passion for the music and the traditions of Northumberland. It is a real joy to hear him together with the excellent group of musicians that he has brought together for this CD. There is something for everyone in the CD, whether you just want to enjoy listening, or to marvel at the skill of the musicians, or to learn some wonderful tunes, it is all here for you. If you have not already got a copy, you should make sure that you put that right as soon as possible!" Andrew Davison

Force 6 (increasing gale 9) - Windy Gyle Band

  • 01. Money For Nothing/Captain Bover/Reed House Rant
  • 02. Ashleigh Mann's Birthday/Parnell's March
  • 03. The Swan/The Tea Jig/The Roaring Barmaid
  • 04. Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff/Dunstanburgh Castle
  • 05. Three Sharp Knives/Risty Gulley/Busty Gulley
  • 06. Alistair J Sim/French Canadian 4 Step
  • 07. Old Morpeth Rant/Da Road ta Houll/ The Flaming Umbrella/Jock Wilson of Fenton
  • 08. Patchwork Polka/ Robertson's Reel/Mr Kennedy North/Willy Taylor’s Fiddle
  • 09. Rowan Tree/LeavingLismore/Blowzabella
  • 10. Boreal Owl/Trip to Brittany/Valley of the Moon
  • 11. Buttered Parsnips/Dr Robb's Dancing Feet/The Amber Lay-by
  • 12. Heroes of Glencoe/Bill Sutherland
  • 13. Young Scotty/The Quarryman/The Little Burnt Tattie/The Lemonville Jig

Musicians: Alice Burn, Paul Knox, Ged Lawson, Anthony Robb, Heather Robb, Nikki Williamson with guests Ruth Ball, Emily Hoile and Jimmy Little "Music truly does break down barriers, especially when it's as sumptuous as this...The living Northumbrian tradition is drawn out in a golden chain". Tony Hendry THE LIVING TRADITION (Issue 88)
"Force 6? You should have called the album Force 9 because it blew me away"! Richard Shuttleworth (Chairman Pipers' Gathering, USA)
"Entertaining and inspirational. There isn't one track I would skip over". Maureen Davison

Windy Gyle and Friends Purple Hills to Coast

  • 01. Farewell To The Dene (Willie Taylor) / Kielder Schottische (trad)
  • 02. Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be? (var. Tom Clough) / The Glen Aln Hornpipe (Will Atkinson)
  • 03. The Ronald Couper Jig (The Shetland Two-Step) (Frank Jamieson)
  • 04. Mr Christopher Moss, His Lament Upon The Passage of Time (Jacob Heringman)
  • 05. The Modest Fiddler (trad) / The Lass o' Corrie's Mill (trad) / Marie Claire (Jerry Holland)
  • 06. Peggy & Ivan's (Nikki Lawson) / Charlie Hunter (Bobby MacLeod )/ Rosewood (trad)
  • 07. The Bewshaugh (Mary Cowan) / The Remember Me Hornpipe (Robert Whinham)
  • 08. The Cheviot Rant (Billy Miller) / Nancy Taylor's Reel (Willie Taylor)
  • 09. Ann and Albert's Silver Wedding (trad) / Snowy Monday (Willie Taylor)(Seconds, Kathryn Tickell)
  • 10. The Tombigbee Waltz (trad) / Westphalia Waltz (Cotton Collins)
  • 11. Danse de Chez Nous (Philippe Bruneau) / Balcomie House (trad) / Aunty Mary's Canadian (trad)
  • 12. Wild Hills o'Wannies or Wild Seas o'Seaham (trad)
  • 13. North Point of Maclean (Jonathan Parkinson)

Windy Gyle Band:
Alice Burn (Northumbrian pipes)
Paul Knox (Northumbrian pipes and fiddle)
Ged Lawson (guitar)
Nikki Lawson (fiddle and fidola)
Anthony Robb (Northumbrian pipes and fiddle)
Heather Robb (fiddle)
Kathy Anderson (piano)
Alan Brown (electric piano)
Stewart Hardy (fiddle)
Jacob Heringman (lute)
Jamie Robb (fiddle)
This is the 4th offering of Windy Gyle Band’s menagerie of sound…
It was recorded mainly in the Hooky Mat studio but we have not abandoned the front room tradition completely – this time rooms at Frenchgate Richmond and Hedchester Law (Northumberland) were pressed into service. Anthony’s solo pipe tracks were recorded in the spectacular space at St Cuthbert’s Chapel, Ushaw College, Durham.
The Band continues to celebrate its 6-decade-spread of musicians and to thrive despite meeting up only occasionally for invariably enjoyable musical stramashes. As with earlier albums we have an impressive list of friends joining us to lift the tone and enhance variety and we hope there is something to please all tastes in this music smorgasbord.

The Primitives - Anthony Robb

  • 01. Chevy Chase (trad)
  • 02. Because He Was a Bonny/ Lad Holmes' Fancy (all trad)
  • 03. The Bonny Pit Lad (trad
  • 04. Believe Me If../Flett From Flotta (trad/D. MacLeod)
  • 05. Cut & Dry Dolly (trad)
  • 06. Farewell To the Creeks (J Robertson)
  • 07. Hesleyside Reel/Noble Squire Dacre (all trad)
  • 08. The Keelman Ower Land (trad)
  • 09. Mallorca/Meggy's Foot (Late Duke of Windsor/trad)
  • 10. Roisin Dubh/Peggy & Ivan's (trad/Nikki Williamson)
  • 11. Winster Gallop/Davy Knick Knack (all trad)
  • 12. Whittingham Green Lane/Michael Turner's Waltz (all trad)
  • 13. I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me (trad)
  • 14. Lasses Pisses Brandy/Mount Your Baggage (all trad)

'The Primitives' is that rare thing; an honest, intimate and personal statement from a musician with something profound to say. The message is not the usual "listen to me", but instead "listen to this". Anthony gives absolute primacy to the instrument and the music he has so carefully chosen to reveal its unique sound. And what a fabulous voice these "primitive2 pipes have - sweet, yet suffused with a raw, earthy energy. Anthony is known as someone who thinks a great deal about his music and feels it even more. This work confirms him as a master of his craft - a piper steeped in the traditions of the North East of England, possessing the confidence and respect to allow the music to speak for itself. Stewart Hardy

Windy Gyle and Friends

  • 01. Sherlock’s Hornpipe/The Shining Pool (3:44)
  • 02. The Flower of the Quern/Whinham’s Reel/Whinshield’s Hornpipe (4:43)
  • 03. The Beeswing (2:40)
  • 04. Cavehill/Willie Simpson (3:19)
  • 05. The Hawk Polka (2:38)
  • 06. Far Frae Hame/Miss Forbes’ Farewell to Banff/Dunstanburgh Castle (3:46)
  • 07. Fiddler’s Fancy (1:37)
  • 08. Will Atkinson’s Schottische/The Silver Star (3:40)
  • 09. Whisky’s Not Enough (5:33)
  • 10. The Old Church Hornpipe/The Newcastle Hornpipe (3:50)
  • 11. Tich’s Reel/The Pearl Wedding/Shirley’s Reel (4:12)
  • 12. The Acrobat/The Banks (3:37)
  • 13. Jean & Andy Leonard’s Waltz/The Village Waltz (4:34)
  • 14. Little Jim’s Hornpipe (2:27)
  • 15. Danse de Chez Nous/Balcomie House/Auntie Mary’s Canadian (3:25)

Windy Gyle Band have yet to make it into the Hooky Mat Studio to record an official album but we love a good session, so when Jimmy Little came down recently to put the finishing touches to his new CD we ended up having some tunes in front of a few microphones.
The unexpected extra guest in the form of professional fiddler Greg Lawson added a little refinement to the overall mayhem and we hope that the tracks captured give a flavour of those magical nights which come along unplanned but stay in the memory for ever. We' ve included three tracks from a concert at the Chantry Museum in Morpeth and in amongst the rough-hewn session material we have sprinkled some rough-cut diamonds in the form of party pieces.

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