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Moothie, harmonica, mouth harp … call it what you will, but Jimmy Little is truly a master of his instrument and - dare I say it – a natural successor to the late, great Will Atkinson.
The tasteful simplicity of this album is delightful. Jimmy’s naturally cheerful and up-beat personality shines through in every track. The arrangements are tasteful and not over-elaborate, the playing is accurate and controlled, and the tempo of every track is precise and unhurried. The marches in particular are performed with an irresistible lift and would surely entice even the most reluctant of dancers onto the floor!
The sound quality of this recording is truly excellent and the balance just right. Jimmy’s “moothie” leads but doesn’t dominate. From beginning to end, this album is an enchanting tapestry of tunes well-played by all concerned, and is testament to the planning and hard work which has obviously gone into its production. I hope Jimmy is pleased with it. He should be chuffed indeed!
Pete Clark
Contact Jimmy at james_little12@btinternet.com
Synthetic Hues Review
Excerpts from the review in 'What's Afoot' Spring/Summer Issue 2015 This is a CD by one of our most enduring and popular performers and those who know and love Vin Garbutt will not be disappointed. ......Typical of Vin , he does not flinch from controversial or thought provoking issues..........Not one song fails to have an effect upon the listener........Here is a true folk singer who has something to say and says it, singing in his own native accent.........This album displays......his impeccable choice of material. Vin Garbutt is one of the great folk artists of his generation and this is a fine example of his work. John Blackburn
Solo and multi-tracked fiddle from a meticulous and exquisite musician.
Contact: Stewart Hardy
The North East's longest established Folk icon complements the beautiful voice of Chris Hendry.
Contact: Johnny Handle
Robust traditional singing presented with intelligence and humour from a master of the craft. Contact: Pete Wood
An album from 9 top fiddlers showcasing the breadth and popularity of the music from the 'Paganini of the Hornpipe' James Hill. Contact: Graham Dixon

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