Hooky Mat Records
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Windy Gyle Band

Hooky Mat Records is run by the well-known Northumbrian piper and fiddler, Anthony Robb. Over the years Anthony has played with many musicians and bands but recently he has concentrated on enjoying Northumbrian traditional music with solo piping and the Windy Gyle Band.
Learning Resources

Anthony has a reputation for excellent intonation and beautiful tone control and has given pipes lessons to groups and individuals here and abroad for 44 years.
The recently developed learning resources are based on this solid foundation of experience and achievement.
Other Recording Projects

A number of North East musicians have recorded albums at Hooky Mat Records including Vin Garbutt, Stewart Hardy, Jimmy Little, Johnny Handle & Chris Hendry and Pete Wood.
Jimmy Little's new album How Does It Gan, Again? has just been released. For further information, click the link above.

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